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Our history.

  • 2008

    The beginning

    The pilot Eduardo Goerl, suffers an accident in the flying club of Bage, south of Brazil, leading to the aircraft destruction.

  • 2014

    The idea

    With the purchase of a basic model of drone made by his friend Cristian, both begin to think of the possible uses for that equipment. In March this year, came the idea of building a large drone and use it for agricultural spraying, considering the high number of accidents in this sector and their own personal experience.

  • Making it real

    Prototyping starts in July.

  • Sharing

    In November, Eduardo presents is idea on TEDx Unisinos - Ideas for everyday life.

  • 2015

    We are airbone!

    In February the first flight takes off and sprays, with a 10kg (22,05lb) payload.

  • In July, with several changes, the prototype is flying as desired.

  • The project became a starup company

    In September the two partners start to work on UNITEC incubator, in Unisinos, São Leopoldo, Brazil.

  • In December the company receives investment and is now called ARPAC , directing its efforts to build a heavy lifting unmanned aerial vehicle.

  • 2016

    About ARPAC

    ARPAC is startup company of research and development of remotely piloted aircraft, developing a UAV capable of very-high capacity loads.

  • The first project, currently under development, is a drone for spraying pesticides on crops. Since the second half of 2015 is incubated in Unisinos. Today, the aircraft is in the testing phase.

  • It is one of the largest drones in Brazil. The great challenge of the company is to regulate the aircraft in Brazil.

  • Currently , there is no specific training for drone pilots , which makes the company look for commercial aviation pilots.

Get to know our team

The success of any business or organization is a direct result of the quality and competence of its staff.

Eduardo Goerl


Cristiano Silveira


Enio Freitas

Electric Engineer

Lucas Klein de Brito

Software Developer

When all of us come together, the best happens.

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